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Host: Scott LaMar

Smart Talk: Why no cameras at Supreme Court?; The Great Social Enterprise Pitch

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Jul 29, 2015 10:00 AM
Scotus photograph 1932.jpg

One of the few photographs of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing a case was taken secretly by photographer Erich Salomon in 1932.

What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, July 29, 2015:

The U.S. Supreme Court is perhaps the most secretive branch of the federal government. But how did it get that way? Many believe it's because cameras are not allowed in the courtroom.

For many years, members of Congress, interest groups, and citizens have urged the Supreme Court to permit cameras at court proceedings but the Court has always said no for several reasons, including the need to preserve court tradition and fear of the media taking a statement out of context.

Despite the court's best efforts though, cameras have successfully been smuggled inside a Supreme Court proceeding both in the past and recently. That led to the publication of at least three photographs showing the Supreme Court in session as well as to the recent release of multiple videos.

Appearing on Wednesday's Smart Talk is Dr. Kyle Kopko, an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Honors and Pre-Law Programs at Elizabethtown College, who recently wrote about cameras in the Supreme Court for a national law journal.

Dr. Kyle Kopko_600X340.jpg

Dr. Kyle Kopko on Smart Talk

Also, the Lancaster County Community Foundation and ASSETS Lancaster are facilitating an event called the 2015 Great Social Enterprise Pitch. The campaign involves social enterprise teams competing to raise support for business ideas that, if adopted, would have a positive social or environmental impact on the community as well as make a profit.

Joining us on Smart Talk are Jessica King, the CEO of ASSETS Lancaster, Jonathan Coleman, the Director of Programs for ASSETS Lancaster, and Melody Keim, the Vice President of Programs for the Lancaster County Community Foundation.


  • Create Karma. Wellness training series to promote health and community. Leads: Sarah Gingrich and Rachel Reinmiller.
  • Far Far Away Books. A mobile book-seller for low-income neighborhoods. Lead: Garret Drew Ellis.
  • Legacies. Visual story-telling archive of Lancaster County residents.  Leads: Meredith Cooke and Joe Mitton. 
  • Make 717 Innovation Center. A community space for artisans, machinists, and designers.  Leads: Ben Eisemann and Bruce C. Schreiner.
  • NuLife's. Reusing textile waste to create unique clothing and accessories. Lead: Schirlyn Kamara
  • Revolution. Training homeless women to create hand-made jewelry and develop business skills.  Lead: Sarah Rutt and Charissa Gift.
  • Redify. Selling fair-wage products from India to connect and support educational programs for youth in India and Lancaster. Leads: Ahan Patel, Niraj Patel.
  • The Stroopie Company. A cookie bakery that actively employs refugees. Lead: Jennie Groff.

Melody Keim, Jonathan Coleman, and Jessica King on Smart Talk

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