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Host: Scott LaMar

Smart Talk: What Israel looks like today; Smokers need not apply; Lung cancer screening

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Aug 21, 2014 2:45 PM

What to look for on Smart Talk Friday August 22, 2014:

Coming up on Smart Talk...

Cumberland County Republican Chairman Greg Rothman visited Israel this week as part of a group that included former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  The contingent met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and toured Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system.

Rothman appears on Smart Talk to describe his observations during this tense time of conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.


Greg Rothman

For deeper analysis on ethnic and religious tensions in the Middle East listen to this recent Smart Talk featuring Dr. Mehdi Noorbaksh, Associate Professor of International Affairs at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and Vice President of the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg. He provides context, history and background on one of the world's hotspots. 

cigarette smoker get dirty looks 300 x 170.jpg

WellSpan Health is one of the region's largest healthcare providers with more than 100 facilities.  WellSpan is also York County's biggest employer, so when WellSpan announced it would no longer hire employees who smoke or use tobacco products, the news garnered a lot of attention.

WellSpan is not the region's first healthcare provider to not hire smokers and probably won't be the last.

The company's Vice President of Human Resources appears on Smart Talk to explain the policy.

Lynette Zeiders of Enola is a lung and breast cancer survivor.  What she wasn't was a smoker.  Zeiders is on Friday's Smart Talk to discuss the importance of early screening for lung cancer. 

For more health news and in depth analysis on today’s evolving HealthCare landscape visit  Transforming Health is an educational partnership of WITF, Penn State Hershey Medical center and WellSpan Health.

Finally, seismic activity and a possible volcanic eruption in Iceland could have an impact far beyond that island nation.  Dr. Robert Wheelersburg, a professor of anthropology at Elizabethtown College, who lived in Iceland for a decade, provides some insight.

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  • John H. img 2014-08-22 08:19

    It's interesting that conservatives are all for funding a program the helps our allies. But when it comes to helping Americans they've voted some 50 time to defund the ACA. Why is that?

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2014-08-22 08:28

    Thomas in Lancaster emails:

    I am a non-smoker, what I am trying to understand here, is what about off hours, or if a person starts after being hired?

    thank you

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2014-08-22 08:29

    Nicole posts on our Facebook page:

    I appreciate that you offered a link to analysis of the situation in the beginning of your conversation with the Republican Chairman. I hope that you will balance your coverage by having a guest with less pro-Israeli views -- as soon as possible. Otherwise this is just a platform. And really, couldn't you have found an observer who was more neutral in the first place?

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2014-08-22 08:35

    Barbara posts on our Facebook page:

    Why did Rick Santorum go to Israel and who financed his trip?