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Host: Scott LaMar

RST: Proliferation of warehouses in Central PA

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Oct 1, 2013 3:23 PM

What to look for on Radio Smart Talk, Wednesday, October 2, 2013:

warehouse 300 x 170.jpg

One of the fastest growing industries in Central Pennsylvania is distribution from large warehouses.  More than 100 have been built in the past decade in the south central region.  Thousands of jobs have been created with an average salary of over $41,000 according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

Logistics is big industry in Pennsylvania.  The state is in the nation's top five in jobs at warehouses.

Even with all those positive economic statistics, not everyone wants a warehouse or distribution center and increased truck traffic near their homes.

Such is the case in Fairview Township, York County where a vocal group of protestors object to a one million square foot warehouse proposed off the Lewisberry Road exit of Interstate 83.  They say it will create too much pollution and truck traffic.

On Wednesday's Radio Smart Talk, we'll look closer at the proliferation of warehouses and distribution centers in the region.


Jonathan Bowser, left. Jim Runk, right

Appearing on the program are a member of the Concerned Citizens of Fairview group, Jonathan Bowser, Executive Director, Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation, Jim Runk, President & CEO, Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association,  and Richard Young, professor of supply chain management, Penn State Harrisburg.

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  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-10-02 08:28

    Kara emails: With regards to the terminal proposal off of Lewisberry road, I wish there had been more transparency with the project. It appears that there was no meaningful notice given until a few of the residents were approached and then it was not the local government or the developers or the business - but rather the residents who made the public aware of this issue. If it hadn't been for the "no terminal" signs that residents placed all over Fairview Twp, I probably would never have known about this until it was too late to change.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-10-02 08:33

    Email from okgodana:
    I'd have believe that the municipal heads that are in charge of the zoning change and advancement of this project have been influenced by the developers. An investigation should be conducted by their decision.

    This is PA, there are plenty areas of this country that are spacious and arid that have no future for natural growth let alone agriculture.
    I know that we have to have rapid delivery of merchandise. But with the future of our environment these businesses should change. Protect our remaining spaces and prevent development.

    Interstate 83 is already overwhelmed,just try breathing if your trapped in the lights on route 30. But business is business,I'm willing to live with out two day delivery.

  • Peter F Swan img 2013-10-02 08:38

    Given that the function of warehouses is to position freight closer to customers, doesn't the building of more warehouses enable transportation networks to operator more efficiently (fewer highway miles by running fuller trucks and using intermodal rail) thereby reducing traffic on highways.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-10-02 08:42

    Matt emails:
    What about increasing rail traffic? Trains can haul more and use less fuel. I am all for jobs, but we also need to be smart about things.

    • Peter F Swan img 2013-10-02 08:54

      Yes, new and larger intermodal ramps at Harrisburg, Greencastle, and Chambersburg are moving trucks to PA warehouses for distribution to stores. However, you still need the warehouse and you still need to move goods to the warehouse and from the warehouse.

  • Peter F Swan img 2013-10-02 08:48

    In 2003 $1.3 Trillion of goods flowed to, from, and through South Central PA counties (8 counties with 69% passing through).

    In Cumberland and Franklin County Warehousing and Trucking had $1.69 Billion in regional output and $868 in income and direct taxes and over 17,000 jobs. 2006 report

    • Dino Sorbello img 2013-10-03 13:36

      This is money we don't need, as it comes from a basically criminal enterprise. Stop destroying our open green spaces. They are worth more than industry and jobs. Time will prove this.

  • Dino Sorbello img 2013-10-03 13:34

    It's gone way too far. What is it that you can't get that you actually need that more trucking terminals are going to bring you? Are we that needy and helpless?
    All of this 'development' must end now.
    Forget tax income etc etc it's MUCH more important to keep Pennsylvania green.