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Host: Scott LaMar

RST: Government shutdown, debt ceiling fight, food stamps -- Washington in spotlight

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Sep 26, 2013 2:50 PM

What to look for on Radio Smart Talk, Friday, September 27, 2013:

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All eyes are on Washington as the threat of a federal government shutdown looms next week.

Actually, the Congressional battle over whether to pass a stopgap spending bill beyond September 30 is one of several issues that have pitted Republicans, especially in the House, against  Democrats and the White House.  The political theater and bickering has already begun and it could get worse within the next several weeks.

House Republicans refuse to approve a stopgap funding bill unless spending cuts are made.  If a plan isn't passed by Tuesday, the government may not be able to pay its bills and would have to shutdown.

The threat to defund Obamacare doesn't seem to be a priority for the GOP at this point but the real partisan fight could be over lifting the federal government's debt ceiling in October.  Republicans have several items on their wishlist that include the Keystone Pipeline, tax reform, and reducing environmental regulations before they would agree to lift the debt.

Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Dr. G. Terry Madonna appears on Friday's Radio Smart Talk to sort it all out.

Also, last week, the U.S. House voted to cut some $40 billion from the nation's food stamp program.  The Republican majority says the program is out of control and fewer people should be in need as the nation's economy improves.  Advocates for the hungry disagree.  Two of them join us on Radio Smart Talk.


Laura Tobin Goddard and Caryn Long chat before joining Scott in the studio for Radio Smart Talk.

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  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-09-27 08:07

    James emails:

    If the government shuts down on Tuesday, does that mean that all federal buildings will be closed included the Smithsonian Museums in DC?

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-09-27 09:07

    Don emails:

    This is classic Republican hypocrisy. The farm bill is bloated with pork and they go after the working poor.

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