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Host: Scott LaMar

RST: Baseball PED suspensions; Battle over Jim Thorpe's body

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Aug 7, 2013 2:51 PM

What to look for on Radio Smart Talk Thursday, August 8, 2013:

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Photo by Scott LaMar

Thursday's Radio Smart Talk will focus on two topics that could be found on the sports page, but instead were headline stories in the news recently.

Major League Baseball suspended 13 players this week for using performance enhancing drugs.  All but one of the players were suspended without pay for 50 games, including the Philadelphia Phillies' Antonio Bastardo. 

The game's highest paid player - New York Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez -- was suspended for the rest of this season and all of 2014 -- a total of 211 games.  The Rodriguez penalty was longer than the others because baseball had evidence that he had possessed numerous banned substances and had tried to obstruct and cover-up his involvement.  A-Rod, as he is called, has also admitted to using steroids in the past.

Local baseball writer and author Andrew Linker appears on the program to provide context into the sport's latest scandal.


Andrew Linker

Jim Thorpe gravesite 300 x 170.jpg

Also, a federal court ruled last April that the body of the world's greatest athlete can be re-interred near his birthplace in Oklahoma. 

Jim Thorpe, who was an All-America college football player at the Carlisle Indian School a hundred years ago, Olympic Gold Medal winner, and professional football and baseball player, has been buried in Carbon County, Pennsylvania for almost 60 years.

Mauch Chunk changed its name to Jim Thorpe after the town agreed to bury Thorpe and create a museum in his honor.  Thorpe's son filed the suit that the court ruled on.  Jim Thorpe -- the town -- is fighting back.

Appearing on the program will be two members of the community contesting the court action.


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  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-08-08 08:20

    Sarah in Chambersburg writes:

    I believe that sport fans have a responsibility in all of this. At its most basic, sport is entertainment. If we did not ask so much of our athletes to entertain us, would there be so much pressure on the professional athlete to dope? As a cycling fan, I think of this often. We want our athletes to break records and do amazing things with their bodies. Although I do not condone their actions, I do not think the mistake it is entirely on the athlete. I would love to know what your guest thinks about this idea.

  • steven first img 2013-08-08 08:26

    There will be a day that performance enhancing drugs become 100 percent completely safe with no ill Side effects, when that day comes things will become very interesting. Like it or not, there will be a day when we are all doping.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-08-08 08:28

    A listener writes:

    If A-Rod is found guilty,can the ball club that is paying all of this contact money,sue A-Rod for "willful misconduct". For using? And will this set a precedent for future contracts?