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Host: Scott LaMar

Radio Smart Talk: Journalists on PA jobs, liquor, Medicaid

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | May 1, 2013 3:28 PM

Radio Smart Talk for Thursday, May 2:

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New unemployment and jobs statistics this week spawned a remark from Gov. Tom Corbett that has turned into a full-fledged political controversy.

Appearing on the Ask the Governor program that is produced by witf's Radio Pennsylvania network, Gov. Corbett explained that a report from Arizona State University ranking Pennsylvania 49th nationally in job growth for the month of March was misleading.  Corbett described Pennsylvania as weathering the recession better than other states so those states had room to add more jobs.

New jobless statistics also indicate the state's unemployment rate was at 7.9% in March compared to the 7.6% national figure.

When discussing the unemployment situation, Gov. Corbett added that many employers can't find workers who can pass a drug test.

Corbett's political opponents and others jumped on the remark saying the governor was blaming the unemployed for not being able to get a job.

It's one of the topics we'll discuss on Thursday's Radio Smart Talk with three State Capitol reporters -- witf's Mary Wilson, Radio PA's Matt Paul and Pete DeCoursey of Capitolwire.

Other issues to be addressed include Corbett's plan to privatize liquor sales, Medicaid expansion, and transportation infrastructure funding.

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Radio PA's Matt Paul, witf's Mary Wilson & Capitol Wire's Pete DeCoursey


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Comments: 3

  • John Orris img 2013-05-02 08:23

    Businesses have reputations, if a business has a bad rep. of course they're not going to get top employees.

    There's a Harrisburg based company that relies heavily on temp works because they don't treat employees with respect and good employees end up leaving.

    A drug free person is not going to work for a company that threats their employees bad, no matter how bad of an economy there is.

  • John Orris img 2013-05-02 08:28

    Corbett's plan is to turn the liquor stores over to the beer distributors as compensation for expanded beer sales.

    Wine and beer sales availability will be expanded, but the availability of spirits will still be limited, along with that will be limited competetioin.

    The plan essentially replaces the current beer distributor system with a liquor distributor system. If you're familiar with the current beer system, that should give you a pretty good picture of how the liquor system will operate.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2013-05-02 08:59

    The Governor observes that PA didn't fall as far as other states and thus justifies being ranked 49th on job creation. PA's decline was, in the middle. If we were simply keeping pace with other states we would be ranked in the middle. He is not using logic to explain PA's disappointing progress.


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