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Radio Smart Talk encore: The Civil War in Pennsylvania -- A Photographic History

Written by witf | Apr 9, 2013 3:45 PM

On April 10, we will be re-airing a show from January 22 on Civil War photography. Please note that we will not be taking calls during today's show, as it is not live.

Civil War in PA cover.jpg

"Pennsylvania sent some 337,963 men to preserve the union...33,183 would perish in this conflict."

Those statistics are taken from Chapter One of the new book The Civil War in Pennsylvania -- A Photographic History, published as a collaboration between the Senator John Heinz History Center for Pennsylvania Civil War 150 and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. 

However, the numbers are just a small part of the book.  It describes Pennsylvania's role in the many factors that mark the period including the battles themselves, slavery, politics, equipment and supplies and even Pennsylvanians who fought for the Confederacy.  The Civil War in Pennsylvania is also noteworthy for the photographs it contains -- some of which have never been published before.  The Battle of Gettysburg may be the most significant event during the Civil War in Pennsylvania but as the book shows, it is far from the only part of the state's history on the 1850s and 1860s.

The book's three authors -- Michael G. Kraus, David M. Neville, and Kenneth C. Turner appear on this episode to discuss Pennsylvania and the Civil War.

Listen to the program:


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