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Host: Scott LaMar

Radio Smart Talk: North Korea; NRA sponsors outdoors show

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Apr 16, 2013 3:57 PM

Radio Smart Talk for Wednesday, April 17:

korea 300 x 200.jpg

The threats against the United States and South Korea by North Korea in recent weeks would be considered bizarre and outlandish if the consequences weren't so dangerous.  North Korea's new leader Kim Jong Un has threatened the U.S. and South Korea with nuclear anniliation.  The North's aggressive posture is basically unprovoked.

There is speculation that the North's threats are meant to drum up nationalism and support for the new leader or to force concessions in the form of food or money from the West.

Others have suggested Kim Jong Un is mentally unstable, which makes him even more unpredictable and dangerous.

RST 04172013.jpg

On Wednesday's Radio Smart Talk, we'll hear from two people who have spent years in South Korea -- Col. Richard Lacquement, Dean of the U.S. Army War College's School of Strategic Landpower and Rev. Song Kang, pastor of the Harrisburg Korean Presbyterian Church in Cumberland County.

Outdoor show logo.png

Also, word came Tuesday that the National Rifle Association is the sponsor of a new outdoors show in Harrisburg.  The Great American Outdoor Show replaces the Eastern  Sports and Outdoors Show and will be held February 1-9, 2014 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center.  The Eastern show was canceled last February after the promoters decided to ban military style semi-automatic assault rifles in response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  More than 200 exhibitors pulled out in protest.

NRA president David Keene was in Harrisburg for the announcement. We interviewed him about the outdoor event and gun policy as part of our on-going conversation about guns.


Photo by Joanne Cassaro

Radio Smart Talk interviews NRA president David Keene and Mary Smith, of the Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau, about The Great American Outdoor Show


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  • claudzilla5 img 2013-04-24 13:30

    I caught a bit of this program, during which David Keene was interviewed about the newly named Great American Outdoor Show. I heard him describe the absence of the show this year as "a tragedy" for those families who wanted to attend. I beg to differ.

    Twenty first-graders dead in Newtown was a tragedy. The deaths of moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado and students and teachers at Virginia Tech and Columbine, and the young man shot dead at a McDonald’s in York were tragedies. Not being to attend a gun show is an inconvenience and a disappointment. It is no tragedy.