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Because of My Mother

Written by Lisa Lawmaster Hess, Community Blogger | Jan 6, 2013 3:24 PM
"Have you ever been in therapy? No? You should try it. It's like a really easy game show where the correct answer to every question is: Because of my mother." (Robin Greenspan)

Funny? Well, it made me chuckle. But it's also the embodiment of what we fear as parents. Making mistakes. Spoiling our kids. Ruining them for life.

But parenthood is a 24-7 job that lasts a lifetime. Given those working hours, we're bound to make a few mistakes. And although our kids will probably forget most of our mistakes, there will be some they remember, and many that we laugh at once time has passed. But that won't be all they remember.

And so this quote also got me thinking. Because of my mother, I:

  • Put a little sugar in the spaghetti sauce.
  • Fight the urge to tell my daughter to "turn that music down!"
  • Think my house should be neater/cleaner than it is at any given time.
  • Truly want to stay home with my daughter, and want to cultivate a relationship with her.
  • Believe in myself, and in my ability to do the things I set my mind to.
  • Tell my daughter that all I expect from her is her best work - not perfection.
  • Believe that I am a valuable person, worthy of respect, even if it means I sometimes have to demand it instead of asking for it nicely.
  • Take my daughter's temperature (still) by putting my lips to her forehead.
  • Shop sales.
  • Am unafraid to show physical affection.
  • Know how to be a mother.

What do you do because of your mother?

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