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What is your biggest prejudice?

Written by witf | Oct 12, 2012 2:04 PM

In conjunction with Ephrata Public Library's Community Memory Project, witf is looking to engage the public in contemplation and discussion of the importance of community, civility and compassion in their daily lives.

For Ephrata Public Library's Community Memory project, oral historian J. Phillip Eiseman is interviewing community members to capture the many diverse voices that make up the Ephrata area. The individual stories of compassion, civility and community will be shared online and will be made available on DVD at the library and Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley.

We'd like to take this project and expand it to the general central Pennsylvania community, gathering voices from around the midstate. For this Public Insight Network query, we'd like you to tell us about your biggest prejudice and how you handle people who have a different viewpoint from you.

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  • hhb img 2012-10-14 09:14

    Have you ever heard someone talking about prejudice (usually as it pertains to their personal lack of it), and hear say something along the lines of, "It doesn't matter to me what color you are, white, black,, yellow...BLUE!"?

    I've hear or read this many times from people all across the socio-political spectrum. I've hear civil rights leaders say it. I've even heard racial separatists say it.

    And whenever I've heard it or read it, something about it always annoyed me. I thought that it was simply that throwing in the color "BLUE" reduced the statement to a trivial joke..and made me doubt the seriousness of anything else that person had to say.

    But over the years, I've come to realize the truth. I am prejudices against blue people. The Smurfs, hate 'em. Those dudes in Avatar, hate 'em. The "Blue Man Group", don't wnat 'em coming around here.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2012-10-18 08:19

    Email From Listener 1:

    I feel that African Americans feel that white people owe them something like an apology or something of the sorts

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2012-10-18 08:29

    From Listener Duane

    We tend to forget that America is the great melting pot.
    When did this change?

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2012-10-18 08:40

    Email from Paul, York County

    I am prejudiced against any individual who, because of their own unwillingness to face their own issues, has set patterns of violent thinking or action - meaning that, in one way or another, they are emanating hatred or violence, either through words or deeds. It is toxic to our world, and must be addressed.

    Depending on the situation, I either deeply allow or am deeply intolerant of such individuals, again,...depending on what seems appropriate to the situation.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2012-10-18 09:01

    Email from “John Doe”:

    The prejudice I struggle most with is the preconception I have that overweight people are lazy or otherwise reprehensible. I know this is not true, but I struggle with it daily. And by "overweight," I mean very obese (I myself have a little extra "love" around the middle -- not that this fact -- or the fact that I am only prejudiced against the most extreme in this set -- make it any better).

    I don't have a solution, but will be listening tonight to see if the discussion offers any. All I can say is that I continue to pray to God to change my heart on this - particularly since some of the nicest and most caring people I have ever met have been very overweight, including people very close to me.... I guess the prejudices we have -- particularly those triggered by deep-seated emotional reactions -- are way more powerful than our intellects ... or at least it seems in my case.

    P.S. Love the topic. It's discussions like this that I literally cannot find on the airwaves, and the reason I'm a proud WITF listener/member!

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2012-10-18 09:03

    Email From Listener 2:

    Wow! GREAT conversation!

    Mine: People who see things as either black or white. They never delve into the gray area, which is LIFE.

    But, it's scary and it requires arming yourself with Knowledge which means you may have to Read both sides of an issue to determine where your opinion falls.

    This is the danger of saying that funding for Big Bird would be pulled under a Romney administration. Pulling objective discourse is the first step toward totalitarianism, the "one answer" view.
    Unfortunately, many churches proliferate this notion of the "one true" religion. It's exclusionary. It's "prejudice."

    The world is very gray. It is up to the individual to educate himself with information from ALL sides to provide for an intelligent discourse. NOT rely on sound bytes, twitter feeds or skewed information.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2012-10-18 09:04

    Email from Listener:
    Wow. Great show. Everyone brings his or her own experiences and attitudes to every interaction, every relationship.
    I think we must struggle against these internalized attitudes, and realize… we all have three things in common.
    Everyone has lost someone, everyone has loved and everyone has fears.
    Thanks for the great work.