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PIN_Banner2.jpgGreat journalism needs great sources, and we want you to be one of them.

The Public Insight Network at WITF allows you to share your experience directly with our newsroom. Whether it's your profession, your neighborhood, your hobbies, or that story you tell over and over again at dinner parties — you have knowledge we want.

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    Commenting on WITF stories through our website and social networks is a great way to share what you think. To share what you know, become a news source for our reporters through the Public Insight Network at WITF.

    You can inform WITF's coverage by adding your expertise to American Public Media’s Public Insight Network (PIN). Join the more than 150,000 people around the country who are sharing their knowledge with award-winning journalists at WITF and other partner newsrooms, adding depth, diversity, and relevance to the work that we do. When you offer your experience and observations to journalists in the Public Insight Network, you help us test hunches, identify emerging trends, and cover under-the-radar stories.

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    As a source for the Public Insight Network, you can expect:

    • A quick, easy, and confidential sign up process. Just click here.
    • About one email a month. We'll regularly send out short questionnaires looking for background information, quotes, and sources for stories tied to specific issues or events. If you don't have personal experience or insights to share, please pass on the request to friends or colleagues who do.
    • An occasional follow-up call or email. Our editors and reporters may be in touch to get more information on a lead you provide.
    • The satisfaction of having an impact on news coverage across the country. You'll not only inform WITF reporters and editors, but other newsrooms in the Public Insight Network, as well. Click here for a list of news organizations participating in the Public Insight Network.
    • Confidentiality: We will not quote you without your permission. See our privacy policy.

    PIN-logo.jpgReady to sign up? Fill out our sign up form or respond to one of the questions on the right. (And don't forget to tell your friends!)

    Want more information? Visit the FAQ page.

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    Recent stories informed by WITF's Public Insight Network:

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