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Left vs. Right button, I mean brain!

Written by Helen Marie Szollosy, Community blogger | Jun 11, 2012 2:31 PM

When taking a career development course, years back, I discovered I 'think down the middle' of my brain. It was determined that I would make a great project manager, or consultant.

Out of highschool, I studied art/design. I later went the path of Mainframe and Personal Computer development; hardware/softwar support and training. I was able to use both my logic and right brain creativity to help others learn, to translate 'technical talk' into easy to understand, explanations.

I recently had a challenge with my wireless mouse. I tried all the basic troubleshooting, but it didn't fix the problem. I researched comments, feedback and online guides, that also didn't fix the problem. I tried everything LOGICALLY possible!

Well! Ah! Ha! This morning I decided to 'think outside the box'! I left the logic behind and went over to the RIGHT SIDE! I got CREATIVE, a bit illogical. I switched my primary mouse click button to the RIGHT button. It is now working beautifully!

The other benefits are that my right index finger gets a break, and I get to exercise other muscles and tendons when I click/select object on my computer screen!

Also, I get to exercise my brain cells as I retrain my brain to click the RIGHT button to select vs the LEFT!

It's all about approaching it from a RIGHT brain, creatively PHresh Outlook!

Sometimes, in life, we need to 'take a different road', let go of an old pattern or routine, or an old view. See things anew! Go to the RIGHT brain, let go of the fear, and get creative!

Go ahead! Take a walk on the wild side, the Right Brain side! That's the TICKET, uh - I mean way to CLICK IT!/p>

Ah! Ha! Helen - not MOUSIN' AROUND!


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