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Twine, Whine, Page, Laugh, Repeat!

Written by Ha Ha Helen | May 31, 2012 12:57 AM

Some days it's so easy to get into THE LUCY SHOW, Lucy Bawl "Whaaaaah".   But, being an Outlook Shift Engineer, Fear Not! - there's always a way out, or forward!

I was 'Weed Whacka Ha Ha Ha-ing' my yard, as I like to refer to it, and I ran out of TWINE on the spool! I was WHINING due to the spool over-feeding the twine, and causing it to run out sooner than needed.

On top of this, I had broken the plastic plate that covers the spool and helps the spool to know how much twine to feed.

I have had wonderful support from the home fix-it store where I purchased the weed whacker.  I had it replaced at no cost when it wouldn't work after a year!  So never fear!  Just ask customer service!

*sigh - so I stopped 'whining' about the 'over-twining' and got into my car to go out and get another spool.

What a thrill I received!  I got to see a beautiful, red, glowing ball of sun as it was setting!  Wow!

As the Central PA area of the Earth turned away from the setting sun, I got to see a gorgeous, peachy, orange, red, glorious glow in the sky over the mountains!  Did I say it was gorgeous?

When I went into the store to get the weed whacker spool, I had to check and make sure I was getting the correct replacement.  Yes, I had taken the old one with me!  I was standing there reading the packages, part numbers, comparing the spools; then, I hear a little electronically-paged voice behind me .... 'customer needs assistance ...

first it was loading a vehicle, then it was in some other department. 

I got curious as to why the voice was coming through the shelving behind me. 

I turned around, listened, then saw a Walkie-Talkie phone sitting on the shelf!  An employee had forgotten their work phone!  I'm such a 'people helper', I was thrilled to have found it, to get to be the one to turn it in!

But! Then the LUCILLE BALL side of me took over!  *tee hee hee ...  I picked up the walkie-talkie and looked over the buttons.  I pushed one button down and said:  'I found the Plumbing Department's Walkie Talkie!'  *tee hee

No response. 

I started to walk towards the open aisle, and encountered another customer coming towards me.  'I found the Plumbing Department's Walkie Talkie', I announced with a mischievious grin on my face.  The man laughed, and I put it back up to my mouth, trying another button and said: 'Hello? Hello?'  He laughed as he went off to search for home-fix-it stuff.

I walked towards customer service, and encountered a door-greeter sales person.  I told him I had found it and turned it over.  He didn't look too happy.  

I told the story to the checkout cashier as I purchased my spool.  She LOVED IT! She thanked me for sharing the story.  It brought a laugh and smile to her face. 

Outlook Shift Engineer in motion, Over-twining, Whining, Playing and Paging, and sharing the joy of moving forward, in the glow of a gorgeous sunset.

In gratitude with a higher altitude attitude, Ha Ha Helen. 

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