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Chicken? Flexibility and Gratitude!

Written by Helen Marie Szollosy, Community blogger | May 8, 2012 11:22 AM

Why did the chicken fall off the truck?

So she wouldn't have to cross to the other side!  *ba dump bump!

Ever worried about taking that 'Leap with Faith"?  Why? Faith is fun! Just take her hand and leap!

I learned that lesson from a pet chicken my family aquired, back when I was a pre-teen. 

One day, my dad came home with a live chicken!  He had been driving down Eisenhower Boulevard, in Harrisburg PA, and saw the chicken (No! not trying to cross the road! HA HA) walking along the side of the road.  He figured it had fallen off a truck that was transporting chickens to 'their fate'!  He said: 'If that chicken is still there when I'm heading home, I'm going to stop and pick it up.

Well! The rest is history!  'Chickie' became the family pet! My dad was thrilled when Chickie laid her first egg! He had set up a nice nest in the garage, and later got really creative, making a ramp and higher nest for Chickie!  Chickie had a Condo!

Every morning, my dad would come into the house, thrilled, to have received a fresh egg from Chickie!  I was amazed when I saw that Chickie could Walk Up the Back Steps from the garage to the kitchen door!  I never knew chickens could handle steps!  (Laugh Out Loud!)

Chickie would come to the kitchen door; because she would smell the food my mom was cooking.  One day, I took some grapes out to Chickie, held them out while standing on the kitchen doorstep, and Chickie JUMPED up and took the grape!  What a great pet! Chickie could jump for grapes!

Chickie lived a long life! Chickie lived to lay over 100 eggs!  Yes! My dad kept count!  No, chickie was not consumed. 

So what is the moral of this story?  If chickie had remained on the truck with the other chickens, she may not have survived that day!  As it was, Chickie took a LEAP WITH FAITH!  As a result, she got to live the high life!

Chickie didn't go along with the crowd, Chickie was Flexible and went for the Gratitude!

Chickie didn't cross the road, nor did she 'cross to the other side' at a young age. 

Are you pondering whether to take that leap with faith? Faith is fun and loves to jump for grapes, uh ... I mean leap!

Break away from the herd, pack, or is it a flock of chickens?  Norm is 'for the birds', jump off the one-directional truck and take a new road!  Perhaps a good samaritan will help you out, along the way?

Take that leap with faith, and perhaps you'll later find that attitude of gratitude!  It's a lesson I'm learning right now.

Who knew a life lesson could be learned from a brave chicken?


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