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Beep boop to you, too!

Written by Helen Marie Szollosy, Community blogger | May 20, 2012 3:27 PM

I confess, one of the reasons I became an 'Outlook Shift Engineer' (a self-proclaimed title), is because I can get annoyed by high pitched sounds, mannerisms, and just about anything! ha ha  So, I find ways to turn my view around! 

Did you ever see the the Twilight Zone episode where the man is annoyed with people, loves to read, and makes a strong wish about being left alone so he can read in peace?  Burgess Meredith played the role.  He wore very thick, focal lenses.  Well, one day, he gets his wish! Something happens and all the people in the world are instantly gone! He is surrounded by rubble and a pile of books.  Ah! he thinks, now I can read in peace.  Something happens, his eyeglasses fall off and he steps on them.  The episode sits with him devastated, not able to read, and no one around to talk with or help. 

I don't like high-pitched technical equipment sounds, so to turn it around, I 'joined the conversation', and started to talk back!

Several years back, I chose to learn how to say 'Hello, Goodbye, How are you, and Thank you" in many different languages.  I find this is an interesting way to break the cultural barriers, a great conversation opener.  I listen for accents and then, gently, introduce myself, my family background and engage the total stranger in conversation!  I learn a lot this way!

When I was at a cashier checkout line at a pharmacy, the other day, the electronic card payment device was Beep, booping at me.  It beeped, and booped as I entered my PIN.  What did I do?  I responded!

"Beep! Beep! Boop! Boop! to you, too!"  I said.  The people around me usually go quiet.  Imagine that!

"I speak technical equipment talk", I said. 

Then, yesterday, as I waited in line behind a gentleman at another store checkout line, I heard a very lyrical transmission signal.  Beepity boop boop boopity beep beep beep.  It was coming from his pants pocket.

'Your pants pocket is ringing!' I told the man.  

He didn't respond but started to reach for the device.  'Beepity boop boop Beepity boppity boop!' I said.

The cashier looked at me.  'I speak technical signal device talk" I said.  I used to do tech support!

What can I say! I can be annoyed, or I can take a PHresh Outlook on the situation and go with the flow!

Now, I can add Technical Equipment Signal to my list of foreign languages learned!  French, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Laos, Slovakian/Bosnian, Phillipine, East and South Africa, the list is growing!

Hello, Bonjour, Kamusta, Majaba, Coma Estas, Dobra Utra, Com' estai, Sa what de ka!, Sa bi dee! Jambo! and Beeeep! boop! No matter how you say it, HELLO! and have a great day!

p.s. Depending on your age, you might also recall the JETSONS' cartoon episode where 'Judy Jetson' enters a song writing contest.  Her younger brother, Elroy, accidentally sends in his coded language EEP OP ORK, AH AH.  Judy wins the contest, the young male space star sings the song, and it comes out as:  EEP OP ORK AH AH .. that means I LOVE YOU!   

hmm... wonder if the technical equipment is hitting on me?  Okay! Back to reality. 



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