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Yoda Blackbird meets Hawk

Written by Helen Marie Szollosy, Community blogger | Apr 17, 2012 12:47 PM

As I was exiting my front door the other day, I looked up to see a huge, hawk soaring just above my home's roof. It was magnificent! It was flying with wings fully spanned, the blue sky above, and sun shining through its glorious wings!

But wait! There's more! Not only did the hawk soar, but a little black bird was in chase! This was no ordinary blackbird. I soon renamed it YODA Blackbird! This bird speedily flapped its wings and nipped at each of the hawk's wings as it flew. It wouldn't let up. It was a bird on a mission!

I assumed the hawk had picked the wong nest or offspring to target! YODA Blackbird persistently flapped and fluttered its wings, in chase of the hawk as if to say: 'Take THAT and THAT!'

This activity continued for at least a few houses farther up the road. The hawk decided to 'wait it out' by sitting atop a power poll. You would think this would have satisfied the blackbird, but NO!

YODA Blackbird went into YODA-like maneuvers! YODA Blackbird flew higher into the sky in sweeping motions and swooped back down towards the hawk! Up into the air, and down again, over and over! I watched in AH! Mazement (that's more than amazement!) and awe! The hawk had to finally take flight to get away. Did the activity stop there? NO! YODA Blackbird continued its chase of flapping, fluttering and nipping the hawks wings!

I had to shake my head and laugh out loud at the words that would have been coming from this bird if it spoke my language: '...and don't you EVER think about coming back into this area again! You'll have ME to deal with!'

So, do you feel you're not enough? Take a lesson from YODA Blackbird, and get in touch with your inner-strength and knowing. It's all in how you see and feel about yourself. Let go of the peer pressure. Focus on your inner gifts, and SOAR!

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