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Continuing coverage: Tracking the Pipeline Boom

Written by Tim Lambert, WITF Multimedia News Director | Jan 26, 2018 11:13 AM

Atlantic Sunrise, Constitution, PennEast-- all new natural gas pipeline projects that have generated fierce public opposition.

Criticism of major projects is nothing new, whether the concern is the environment, safety, or simply neighbors saying, "not in my backyard."  

]But questions over the regulatory oversight of pipelines are gaining new attention as more projects get built-- particularly in Pennsylvania, due to its proximity to the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation.

This entry contains several complete stories as well as excerpts of WITF's coverage of the controversy around the nation's growing network of natural gas pipelines:


Story order:

Gas Rush series, Part 1: Are pipeline regulators rubberstamping projects?

Gas Rush series, Part 2: Gas pipelines and climate change

Gas Rush series, Part 3: Financial self-dealing within gas industry

Pipeline agency fails to explain how it assesses risk, prioritizes inspections

After Standing Rock pipeline fights continue around U.S.

Amid criticism, utility regulator walks back 'jihad' remark

Conflicting decisions on pipelines frustrate industry, landowners

WITF Smart Talk: Is FERC doing its job when deciding on pipelines?

Sunoco begins pipeline work at Raystown Lake

WITF Smart Talk: Legislation would have protesters pick up tab for law enforcement costs

Twenty-three people arrested protesting Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline


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