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Breaking News Entry: March Winter Storm

Written by Tim Lambert, WITF Multimedia News Director | Jan 20, 2018 5:26 PM

(Undated) -- The largest winter storm to hit central Pennsylvania during the month of March dropped more than a foot of snow on parts of the region.

WITF's journalists covered the state's response and how communities dealt with the storm. 

Here is a breakdown of the entry:

1. An edited version of a ewscast from 6:00 a.m. the day of the storm, setting the stage for what's ahead  0:00-2:47

2. Short Traffic update on road conditions 2:48-3:18

3. WITF's Ben Allen joins Tim Lambert in the studio for details on what PennDOT is doing to keep the roads clear.  3:19-6:40

4. An edited version of WITF's public affairs show, Smart Talk, which focused on the winter storm. Portions of interviews with a meteoroligist, a state trooper, the Pennsylvania Emergency Managment Agency and PPL electric utility are included. 3:41-12:58

5. Edited newscast from 11:00 a.m, includes updates from the city of Harrisburg and how most businesses are closed in Lancaster (WITF's Marie Cusick found a coffee shop that was open). 12:59-14:57

6.WITF's Marie Cusick has an update from Governor Tom Wolf.  14:58-15:38

7. WITF's Katie Meyer reports from the empty state Capitol. 15:39-16:17

8. WITF's Radio PA reporter Tory Gates has an update on the work of utility crews. 16:18-16:59

9. WITF's Marie Cusick reports on a neighborhood facebook page that connects people who need help digging out from the storm. 17:00-17:40

10. WITF's Katie Meyer has the latest on update from Governor Tom Wolf.  17:41-18:23

11. WITF's Marie Cusick has an update from Lancaster. 18:24-19:07

12. WITF's Emily Previti has an update from Harrisburg, including the how people are starting to emerge from their homes (including a student from Africa who saw his first snowfall). 19:08-20:00.

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