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Series: State Police practices come under harsh light

Written by Tim Lambert, witf Multimedia News Director | Jan 30, 2016 5:39 PM

(Undated) -- In 2015, the Pennsylvania State Police found themselves answering questions about whether the man selected to lead the agency should wear the uniform, the lack of diversity in its ranks and efforts to track anti-fracking activists. WITF's Mary Wilson and Marie Cusick took a look at the law enforcement agency's practices. This entry consists of three stories.

STORY 1 LEAD-IN (Running Time  8:46):

An anti-fracking group recently settled a lawsuit against Pennsylvania, after it was erroneously labeled a potential terrorist threat.

The case dates back several years and was an embarrassment for then-Governor Ed Rendell.

But, StateImpact Pennsylvania's Marie Cusick reports, law enforcement still conducts surveillance on anti-fracking activists, leading some to claim their Constitutional rights are being violated.

Air date: 3/10/2015


STORY 2 LEAD-IN (Running time 3:50):

The acting state police commissioner's biggest headache right now stems from what he wears to work: a thick gray shirt, dark trousers, and a patch on each sleeve.

WITF's Mary Wilson has the story.

Air date: 3/24/15

STORY 3 LEAD-IN (Running Time 6:48):

The Pennsylvania State Police have struggled to boost their racial diversity for decades, and the pressure to do so could intensify under Governor Tom Wolf's administration.

WITF's Mary Wilson reports former state troopers say the agency doesn't need more time or resources -- just the drive to change.

Air date: 9/21/2015

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