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Continuing Coverage Entry: The Race for Governor

Written by Tim Lambert, witf Multimedia News Director | Feb 4, 2015 11:24 AM

The 2014 Pennsylvania gubernatorial election was historic, breaking trends in gubernatorial politics going back decades as Democratic challenger Tom Wolf bested incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett. Over the course of the year, WITF's team of reporters followed the candidates from the four-person fight for the Democratic nomination in the spring to the general election between Corbett and Wolf. We worked to highlight not only the key issues candidates were talking about, but also the ones they *weren't* discussing  in the run-up to both primary and general elections.

*Several stories in this entry have been edited.*


1. Democrats for governor map no clear path out of pension debt -- Mary Wilson

2. Tax it, ban it, or frack it? Where the candidates stand on a severance tax -- Marie Cusick and Katie Colaneri

3. Gubernatorial hopefuls break silence on how to help struggling cities -- Emily Previti

4. Corbett campaign looks to gain traction in re-election bid -- Mary Wilson

5. Gubernatorial debate #1 -- Mary Wilson

6. WITF's Smart Talk recaps debate #1 -- Mary Wilson and Scott LaMar

7. Little focus on health care on the gubernatorial campaign trail -- Ben Allen

8. Voter turnout trends lower in distressed cities, but Harrisburg and Erie are exceptions -- Emily Previti

9. A longer look: Tom Corbett -- Mary Wilson

10. A longer look: Tom Wolf -- Mary Wilson

11. Election Night 2014 coverage -- Tim Lambert, Scott LaMar and Mary Wilson

12. Election 2014 wrap-up -- Tim Lambert and Mary Wilson

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