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Continuing Coverage Entry: The Keystone Crossroads: Future of York City Schools

Written by Tim Lambert, witf Multimedia News Director | Feb 13, 2015 10:03 AM

The struggling York City School District faced a potential state takeover in 2014. If the plan goes through, it would be the first public school district in the Pennsylvania -- and one of just a few in the nation -- to be forced to enter into an all-charter-system. In this entry, Keystone Crossroads Emily Previti followed the developments.

1. Governor-elect Tom Wolf has said he’s against privatizing the city of York’s struggling public school district, and critics of the privatization say there’s pressure to do that before he takes office. If it happens, York City School District would be the first public school system in Pennsylvania – and one of just a few in the nation – to be converted entirely to charter schools. (Emily Previti)

2. Smart Talk:  York's troubled school district could be the first in the state to convert to all charter schools. WITF's Keystone Crossroads reporter Emily Previti has been covering the York situation and joined an episode of our public affairs show, Smart Talk, to discuss what she's found. (w/Scott Lamar)

3. The city of York’s public school system could soon be in a state takeover, and the Commonwealth’s first to be forced to charterize. Keystone Crossroads’ Emily Previti reports the deciding court  ruling might happen later in the day. 

4. A final decision on the potential takeover of the failing York City School District could take longer than once thought. Keystone Crossroads Emily Previti reports if the state is  successful, it plans to turn the entire district over to a charter school company - which would be unique in Pennsylvania and nationally.

5. More details have emerged in the state’s plans for York City School District if a judge approves a takeover. Keystone Crossroads’ Emily Previti reports the state wants to convert all schools to charters, and now says the only alternative for students would be a cyber school.

6. A York County judge has approved a state takeover of York City School District. Keystone Crossroads Emily Previti reports, the decision could clear the way for York to become first place in the nation where public education is provided by private operators.

7. WITF's Ben Allen talks with our Keystone Crossroads reporter, Emily Previti, about the judge's ruling and what comes next.

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