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Series Entry: Transforming Health

Written by Tim Lambert, witf Multimedia News Director | Jan 28, 2015 11:05 AM

Throughout 2014, WITF's Ben Allen reported on the shift taking place in the American health care system from a primary focus on treating individuals when they are sick and injured to establishing relationships between individuals and health care providers to manage overall health and well-being. He worked to present the policy and personal health choices people face in today’s health system, from the unexplained rise in prescription drug costs to the lack of medical providers in rural areas. This entry consists of five stories.


The federal Affordable Care Act is designed to make it easier to get health insurance coverage. A couple clicks of a mouse, and one can get insured. But there’s still the issue of receiving medical care. As part of WITF's Transforming Health project, Ben Allen reports an insurance card is no good if a primary care provider isn’t nearby.

 Air date: April 23, 2014


For decades, generic prescription drugs have been considered the bargains of the pharmaceutical world.  An industry group says Americans have saved about one-and-a-half trillion dollars in the past 10 years on brand name drugs, thanks to generics.  But in recent months, prices on some of the most popular drugs have soared.  As part of WITF’s Transforming Health, Ben Allen reports experts are trying to figure out why.

Air date: December 10, 2014 


Physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners all have seen their roles shift in the past few years.  But those jobs have been around for decades. Health coaches only really came into existence in the past five years. Midstate-based Wellspan Health says it hired some of the first in the country, and Ben Allen talks to one as part of WITF’s Transforming Health project…

Air date: 10/15/14


The health care provider shortage is often described as a primary care physician shortage. In all of Pennsylvania, about a thousand areas are designated medically underserved. But at least two other groups can help provide care to more people. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners can do almost everything a physician can - like write prescriptions, perform minor surgeries and help out on major ones. As part of WITF’s Transforming Health project, Ben Allen reports P-As could be the future of primary care.

Air date: 10/09/14


Health care is continually evolving, and the federal Affordable Care Act is accelerating changes in every part of the industry. Many experts are still trying to pinpoint the exact effect of the sweeping reform. But as time goes on, the picture is starting to become more clear. Throughout September, WITF’s Transforming Health will look at how the roles of a doctor, nurse and other medical professionals have shifted.  Today, Ben Allen delves into the world of a primary care physician.

Air date: 9/12/14

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