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Continuing Coverage: The ACA in Pennsylvania

Written by Tim Lambert, witf Multimedia News Director | Jan 20, 2014 12:54 PM

(Undated) -- The run-up to the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act was one of the biggest stories of 2013. witf followed the latest developments from preparations to the roll-out of the healthcare.gov website to lingering questions over how businesses and individuals would be affected. This entry contains several complete stories and excerpts of witf's coverage of the ACA's potential impact on central Pennsylvanians.

Story order:

How a couple of midstate businesses are coping with the upcoming changes, due to the Affordable Care Act -- Megan Lello

witf's Smart Talk looks at the state of primary care in PA, including the growing number of responsibilities placed on family physicians and how the ACA affects these doctors -- Craig Layne

Whether or not Governor Corbett should expand Medicaid in PA was debated at length throughout the year. Those who could gain coverage are waiting to see how it plays out -- Megan Lello

The initial roll-out of the healthcare.gov website led to long delays for many Pennsylvanians trying to navigate the state's federally-administered exchange.  -- Matt Paul

Some  250,000 Pennsylvanians had their insurance policies canceled, due to the ACA. -- Matt Paul

witf's Smart Talk looks at the roll-out of the ACA from a navigator's point of view -- Scott LaMar

The Obama administration delayed the launch of an online health insurance marketplace for small businesses. But, employers are still paying close attention to other ACA provisions. -- Matt Paul

The federal Affordable Care Act's employer mandate could have dire consequences for volunteer fire companies across the state -- Matt Paul

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