About PA Post

PA Post is a nonprofit, independent statehouse accountability news organization for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We aim to deliver high-quality stories relevant to those who think state government plays an important role in their lives.

Philosophically, PA Post is an effort to connect Pennsylvanians to their state, and to each other -- to knit us together with trusted information and conversation that will establish more shared ownership of both our problems and our solutions.

Journalistically, PA Post is taking a digital-first, multi-platform approach to fact-based, contextual coverage.

What PA Post does:

1. PA Post produces original stories -- including deep-dives and investigations -- on issues that most affect Pennsylvanians: public and higher education, health and human services, immigration, energy, transportation, criminal justice, the environment and the operation of the state legislature and state agencies themselves.

2. PA Post also shares content with partner news organizations that will distribute our stories and contribute to PA Post.

3. PA Post engages our audience in person, too. We're planning community and panel discussions at partner locations and colleges around the state, as part of our effort to rebuild the community's trust in news and people's confidence in their own ability to affect government policies.

4. PA Post builds media literacy and civic education into our work. We'll engage with our audience about our reporting process and journalistic standards. And we'll make sure to explain and reinforce how government works. That kind of education hasn't been a priority for years, so it's unsurprising many Pennsylvanians don't know the basics.

5. PA Post produces accountability journalism, which starts by providing information that citizens do not have and then, ideally, spurs action such as changes to laws and policies.

How PA Post does it:

Digital-first News - Delivered via email newsletters, social media channels and web.

Broadcast - Features, two-ways and interviews on WITF's existing commercial and public radio networks, and on public and commercial television.

Feedback - We involve PA Post users while we're planning stories, during the reporting process and after we publish.

Events - On campuses and at public media stations across the state, panels and town meetings to involve and engage communities in region-specific topics.

Podcasts - Journalism with the conversational tone, intimacy of voice and powerful sound-based scenes afforded by audio storytelling.

Print and Print Partner Websites - Stories, animation, mapping, data-driven journalism and more on Pennsylvania's pressing issues.