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Wood Stove House and a Brief Introduction

Written by Jason Mundok, Community blogger | Jan 1, 2013 8:27 PM

Photo by Russell Frost

During the second half of 2008, a couple friends, my wife, and I worked through The Artist's Way, a 12-step program for recovering creatives. We were all quickly approaching our 40s and needed a kick in the creative pants. The process was life changing for all of us, and it left us inspired to take some action. That led to an idea to start hosting house concerts at our small Cape Cod that sits on the Western edge of Lancaster, PA.

Our first concert featured Lancaster songwriters Jessica Smucker and Jeff Bryson (Vinegar Creek Constituency) performing a rare duo show. We had converted an add-on family room into a concert hall for the evening and filled it with a couple dozen music lovers. The evening was magic and the Wood Stove House concert series was born.

Less than a year later we hosted our first touring musician, Jason Wilber (John Prine, Iris Dement). A friend and fellow podcast fan suggested that I record an interview with Wilber in my home recording studio, "just in case" I wanted to launch a podcast to promote the concerts. I took a stab at putting together a show and fell madly in love with the format. Around the Wood Stove (our weekly podcast series) was launched a few weeks later in March 2010.

In the two years that followed we continued to produce house concerts, podcasts, and even recordings for local bands. We later added a blog, public concerts, theater events, and even a Creativity Conference. We organized into a small for-profit company and Wood Stove House became a laboratory for Steve Carlson and me to explore a variety of arts-based events and productions. As we launch into 2013, our focus has turned to our website,, where we will be further developing a platform of discovery for arts enthusiasts throughout the region.

On this blog, I will be focusing on profiling those who "make the arts happen" in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. I'll be featuring the amazing creative folks who are promoting concerts, hosting visual art shows, producing theater, and making things happen in this incredibly rich region for the arts. I hope you discover something new here to inspire you. If you have suggestions about arts facilitators near you that need some attention, please drop a comment and let me know.

Jason Mundok is a podcaster, blogger, and musician from Lancaster, PA. Along with Steve Carlson, Jason operates, an online publication aimed at featuring the arts and those who make the arts happen in and around Lancaster, PA. Find Wood Stove House on Facebook and Twitter.

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