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WITF TV Picks for the week of February 17, 2018

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Feb 15, 2019 2:44 PM

Sunday February 17 at 9:00pm - Victoria - A Georgian ball at the Palace could not come at a worse time as private pictures of the Royal family are made public.

Monday February 18 at 9:00pm - POV: Minding the Gap - Meet three young men who bond together to escape volatile families in their Rust Belt hometown. As they face adult responsibilities, unexpected revelations threaten their decade-long friendship.

Tuesday February 19 at 9:00pm - American Masters -  Explore Sammy Davis, Jr.'s vast talent and journey for identity through the shifting tides of civil rights and racial progress during 20th-century America. Features Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and clips from his TV, film and concert performances.

Wednesday February 20 at 9:00pm - NOVA - Discover Campi Flegrei, a lesser-known volcano in the shadow of Vesuvius. If it erupts, millions of lives could be at risk. Meet the scientists exploring its geography and developing a warning system to prevent Naples from becoming the next Pompeii.

Thursday February 21 at 10:00pm - Death in Paradise -  Saint Marie's mayoral elections are thrown into disarray when Victor Pearce, local entrepreneur and odds on favourite to win, is stabbed in his polling booth just as he - and the other three candidates -cast their vote.

Friday February 22 at 9:00pm - American Masters - Explore the complicated history of the American South and its music through the life of country star Charley Pride. Raised in segregated Mississippi, his journey shows the ways that artistic expression can triumph over prejudice and injustice.

Saturday February 23 at 9:00pm - Doc Martin - Penhale and Morwenna participate in the annual gig race against another town. Louisa buys a new car, and Martin's blood phobia causes a disaster with a patient.  Then stay tuned for the Season 8 finale at 10.

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