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WITF TV Picks for the week of September 23, 2018

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Sep 21, 2018 12:45 PM

Sunday September 23 at 8:00pm - Anne of Green Gables: Fire & Dew -  Follow Anne Shirley's journey to Queen's College in Charlottetown. She misses Matthew and Marilla, and is overwhelmed by loneliness, city life and the intense competition. Will Anne find that the dark cloud over her life does have a silver lining?

Monday September 24 at 8:00pm - Antiques Roadshow - Host Mark L. Walberg heads to the historic site of Sloss Furnaces with appraiser Stuart Whitehurst to learn about iron antiques and the history of the iron and steel industry. Highlights include 1968 letters from a young Bill Clinton that include his candid opinions on politics and war; a Lalique hood ornament in an uncommon amethyst color; and a 1952 John Falter illustration valued at $200,000 to $250,000 in today's hot illustration art market.

Tuesday September 25 at 9:30pm - Mayo Clinic: Faith - Hope - Science -  Take a look at how the Mayo Clinic, which is "world renowned for its medical arts," has met the changing demands of healthcare for 150 years, and what it can teach us about facing the challenges of patient care today.

Wednesday September 26 at 9:00pm - Health Smart - We have talked to those struggling with opioid addiction. This episode we talk to the young victims - the children who are left behind after an opioid overdose.

Thursday September 27 at 8:00pm - Battling Opioids: A Project of Pennsylvania Public Media - The opioid crisis has become a nationwide issue. It was declared a disaster emergency in Pennsylvania by Governor Wolf in January 2018. Pennsylvania's Public Television Stations (PPT), are confronting this crisis head-on. Through the collaborative, statewide efforts, you will see stories of hope and survival, and have access and information on where to get help.

Friday September 28 at 10:00pm - Hispanic Heritage Awards - Join the country's highest tribute to Latinos by Latinos. The program includes performances and appearances by celebrated Hispanic artists.

Saturday September 29 at 10:00pm - Jamestown - From the makers of Downton Abbey, this series follows the lives of three women as they wrestle with the challenges of creating a new life in a beautiful yet forbidding land. In the 17th century, on the edge of the breathtaking but untamed Virginian wilderness, sits the English colony of Jamestown. The settlement barely survived its first decade but is on the brink of change summoned by the arrival of a new governor, Yeardley, and 90 so-called "maids to make brides" -- a bid from the presiding Virginia Company to establish the town as a prosperous place for all. Yeardley also brings with him a charter, granting land to the earliest settlers in reward for their loyalty, but new laws cause power struggles within the town and with the native inhabitants.

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