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WITF TV Picks for the week of February 4, 2018

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Feb 2, 2018 12:03 PM

Sunday February 4 at 9:00pm - Victoria -  News of the horrific famine in Ireland has finally reached the queen. She is adamant that her government should be doing more to help, but meets with surprising opposition from her prime minister.

Monday February 5 at 10:00pm - Independent Lens - Explore the life of Winnie Mandela and her struggle to bring down apartheid, with intimate insights from those closest to her and testimony from the enemies who sought to extinguish her radical capacity to shake up the order of things.

Tuesday February 6 at 9:00pm - American Experience - The Gilded Age Meet the titans and barons of the glittering late 19th century, whose materialistic extravagance contrasted harshly with the poverty of the struggling workers who challenged them. The vast disparities between them sparked debates still raging today.

Wednesday February 7 at 10:00pm - Impossible Builds - Follow the construction of one of the most complex skyscrapers ever to make it off the drawing board. Its design is so radical that construction experts have turned to a building material never before used in skyscrapers.

Thursday February 8 at 9:00pm - Dickensian - Compeyson is riled by the arrival of Matthew Pocket and quizzes Arthur over his cousin.  Later, a drunken night in the pub ends up with Compeyson challenging Matthew to some dares.

Friday February 9 at 9:00pm - African American Oral History Project - This documentary highlights the fascinating story of former slave and later United States Congressman Robert Smalls of South Carolina. In addition to the national story of Robert Smalls, the film also brings to light the personal struggles and triumphs of many others in the African American community located in south central Pennsylvania.

Saturday February 10 at 9:00pm - A Place to Call Home - With a religious occasion approaching, Sarah performs a spiritual cleansing in the local creek that's unfortunately witnessed by Doris Collins. But while Sarah finds it hard to deal with Doris's reaction to her nudity, it is Sarah's own, personal demons with which she most struggles.

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