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WITF TV Picks for the week of January 28, 2018

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Jan 26, 2018 10:30 AM

Sunday January 28 at 10:00pm - Queen Elizabeth's Secret Angents -  William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I's spy master, intercepts a conspiracy to assassinate the queen. When he learns that Elizabeth's own cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, is behind the plot, he lays a trap to capture and execute her.

Monday January 29 at 10:00pm - Independent Lens - Join Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang and Dylan, a charismatic young homeless drifter who left a comfortable home and loving family, in "I am Another You," which chornicles a mysterious cross-cultural road trip that explores of the limits and meaning of freedom.

Tuesday January 30 at 9:00pm - PBS Newshour Speical Coverage Watch live coverage of President Trump's State of the Union Address. The live coverage will include the president's speech, the Democratic response and analysis from the PBS NEWSHOUR team.

Wednesday January 31 at 9:00pm - NOVA - Follow two intrepid pilots as they take on the greatest aviation adventure of our time, overcoming countless challenges as they construct and fly the first solar-powered airplane around the world.

Thursday February 1 at 10:00pm - Soundbreaking - Chart the progression of the beat from drum and bass to beat box and beyond - from Little Richard and James Brown to disco with the Bee Gees, EDM and Beyonce. Witness the endless experimentation that transformed the bedrock of all music.

Friday February 2 at 8:30pm - Great Performances - Witness the groundbreaking hip-hop artist perform a symphonic rendition of his seminal debut album Illmatic with the National Symphony Orchestra. Nas paints a densely textured lyrical portrait of life in a New York City public housing project.

Saturday February 3 at 11:00pm - Austin City Limits - Relish the ACL debut of alternative rock icon LCD Soundsystem. The recently revived band spotlights hits and songs from its comeback album American Dream.

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