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APM Reports Spotlight on Education

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Sep 6, 2017 10:07 AM
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Tuesday September 5 through Thursday September 7 WITF features education documentations produced by APM Reports:

Tuesday September 5 at 2:00pm - "Shadow Class: College Dreamers in Trump's America"  U.S. public schools must treat undocumented students like citizens. But once these students graduate, everything changes. Without papers, they don't qualify for federal college grants, they can't legally work to pay for tuition, and they may have to pay out-of-state tuition. Some young immigrants received temporary papers under an Obama administration program. But now they find themselves on a collision course with newly powerful opponents, including a president who swept into office on a wave of anti-immigrant fear and anger. APM Reports follows immigrant students in the early months of the Trump administration.

Wednesday September 6 at 2:00pm - "Keeping Teachers" There may be nothing more important in the educational life of a child than having effective teachers, but U.S. schools are struggling to attract and keep them. The problem is most acute in rural areas, where kids may learn math from a social studies teacher. In urban schools, those most likely to leave are black men, who make up just 2 percent of teachers. This APM Reports documentary tells two separate but connected stories about the teachers these schools desperately need, but can't hold on to: black men and those willing to work in rural areas. There are surprising similarities in why schools struggle to attract and keep these teachers that are particularly relevant now, when the divides between urban and rural - and white and black - are getting so much attention.

Thursday September 7 at 2:00pm - "Shackled Legacy: Universities and the Slave Trade" A growing number of colleges and universities in the eastern United States are confronting their historic ties to the slave trade. Profits from slavery and related industries helped build some of the most prestigious schools in New England. In many southern states, enslaved people built and maintained college campuses. This documentary will focus on three universities - Harvard, Georgetown and the University of Virginia - as they grapple with a deeply troubling chapter in their vaunted histories. At the crux of the story is the question of how these institutions might make amends for the ways they participated in American slavery and the moral, political and practical issues undergirding that question.

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