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WITF TV Picks for the week of July 9, 2017

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Jul 7, 2017 11:13 AM

Sunday July 9 at 10:00pm - Prime Suspect: Tennison -  Jane is faced with several harsh realities in both her professional and personal life. The investigations around the murder of Julie Ann Collins and the robbery plan of the Bentley family come to a head.
Monday July 10 at 8:00pm - Antiques Roadshow - Learn how the antiques and collectibles market has evolved in the last 15 years with updated appraisals like a 1979 Kent State apology, a Patek Philippe pocket watch, and a Herter Brothers sideboard and table. Which appraisal has increased $50,000?
Tuesday July 11 at 8:00pm - The Story of China - Journey back in time to see the splendor of the last Chinese dynasty, the Qing. Witness the fateful First Opium War, which sparked the fall of the empire, and, after the 20th-century revolutions, the birth of today's China.
Wednesday July 12 at 9:00pm - Nature's Great Race - Follow the annual gathering of a thousand elephants in northern Kenya. From magnificent bulls to vulnerable orphans, they face deadly threats from both predators and poachers.
Thursday July 13 at 10:00pm - The Tunnel: Sabotage - Witness Elise's struggle to face her past, while an unexpected revelation threatens to turn Karl's life upside down. Rosa reveals a vital clue about Defence. Is Robert's number finally up?
Friday July 14 at 10:00pm - Widower - When Claire confronts her husband, Malcolm Webster, over his wild spending, he tries to control her with sedatives. Afraid he'll soon be caught, he silences her forever. Three years on, he has a new bride...and history appears to be repeating itself.
Saturday July 15 at 9:00pm - Death in Paradise - When an elderly resident at a retirement home appears to have committed suicide, the team are on a mission to prove it was murder. Humphrey is surprised when his wife pays an unexpected visit to the island and he is left wondering why she's come to see him.

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