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Keystone Crossroads: Bridging Our Communities

Written by witf.org, | Apr 16, 2015 10:29 AM

Pennsylvania's bridges provide safe passage across our state's waterways and roadways, but they also connect communities, spanning geographic, cultural and socioeconomic divides.

These bridges were built as cities were growing, and they've stood in place as the realities of transportation have changed over time.

Now they're getting older. Many have outlived their intended lifespans and intended uses, and they've fallen into structural deficiency.

As the state repairs and rebuilds its bridges for the 21st century, what can it learn from the work done so far? How can Pennsylvania make the best choices today to sustain its connections for future generations?

Keystone Crossroads: Bridging Our Communities explores some of the state's iconic bridges for answers. 

Learn more about the Keystone Crossroads project

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