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witf TV Picks for the week of June 22

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Jun 20, 2014 8:26 AM

Sunday June 22 at 8:00pm  - Secrets of Underground London - On the surface, London is a buzzing, modern metropolis — but underneath lies a secret, hidden world, all but forgotten by the millions of people above. This program uncovers 2,000 years of subterranean history: a world of ancient caves and perfectly preserved Roman remains; mysterious rivers and gruesome plague pits; impenetrable vaults and top-secret bunkers. Digging deep, the program unearths some of the most extraordinary stories of the darkest part of the city.

Monday June 23 at 10:00pm - POV - Jason DaSilva was 25 years old and a rising independent filmmaker when a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis changed everything — and inspired him to make another film. “When I Walk” is a candid and brave chronicle of one young man’s struggle to adapt to the harsh realities of M.S. while holding on to his personal and creative life. With his body growing weaker, DaSilva’s spirits, and his film, get a boost from his mother’s tough love and the support of Alice Cook, who becomes his wife and filmmaking partner. The result is a life-affirming documentary filled with unexpected moments of joy and humor.


Tuesday June 24 at 9:00pm - American Experience: Freedom Summer - During the summer of 1964, the nation’s eyes were riveted on Mississippi. Over 10 memorable weeks known as Freedom Summer, more than 700 student volunteers joined organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in the nation’s most segregated state. Working together, they canvassed for voter registration, created Freedom Schools and established the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, with the goal of challenging the segregationist state Democratic Party at the national convention in Atlantic City. The campaign was marked by sustained and deadly violence, including the notorious murders of three civil rights workers, countless beatings, the burning of 35 churches and the bombing of 70 homes and Freedom Houses.

Wednesday June 25 at 8:00pm - Nature - Join Sir David Attenborough on his journey through the weird and wonderful world of frogs, shedding new light on these charismatic, colorful and frequently bizarre little animals through firsthand stories, the latest science and cutting-edge technology. Frogs from around the world are used to demonstrate the wide variety of frog anatomy, appearance and behavior. Their amazing adaptations and survival techniques have made them the most successful of all amphibians.

Thursday June 26 at 8:00pm & 9:00pm - Constitution USA - Learn about the far-reaching changes created by the Fourteenth Amendment, and then consider the systems that have kept the Constitution healthy for more than 225 years.

Friday June 27 at 9:00pm - Great Performances at the MET - An exciting young cast stars in Franco Zeffirelli’s lavish production of Giacomo Puccini’s popular work, the most-performed opera in Met history. Italian star tenor Vittorio Grigolo is the passionate poet Rodolfo and soprano Kristine Opolais his fragile lover, Mimì. Susanna Phillips sings the flirtatious Musetta and Massimo Cavalletti is the painter Marcello, led by Italian conductor Stefano Ranzani. The production features a cast of hundreds, an onstage snow scene and a detailed reconstruction of the Latin Quarter in Paris. Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato hosts the broadcast. (repeats Sunday June 29 at 2:00pm).

Saturday June 28 at 9:00pm - Death in Paradise - A woman is found murdered in her bed with many coins in her mouth. Dwayne's police shield under the bed makes him a suspect. The victim is found to have been living under a false name and under protection as an informant of London's Serious Organised Crime Agency, who have a man on the island. Poole believes the killer is looking for incriminating documents the woman had. Events and the commissioner conspire to prevent Poole returning to his old job in London.

Next week a new season of Last Tango in Halifax and Endeavour begin on Sunday, along with the debut of the British comedy Vicious.

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