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witf TV Picks for the week of January 26

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Jan 22, 2014 3:55 PM

Sunday January 26 at 9:00pm - Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey - Can Bates learn what’s troubling Anna? Meanwhile, Thomas installs a new ally and Alfred takes up cooking.
Monday January 27 at 10:00pm - Independent Lens: The State of Arizona - This vérité documentary captures the explosive emotions and complex realities behind Arizona’s headline-grabbing struggle with illegal immigration. Tracking the year after Arizona passed SB1070, its controversial “papers please” law, the film tells the stories of Arizonans on all sides of this divisive issue — activists, politicians, Latino immigrants, controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio, ranchers and others — and depicts a state and its people testing the edges of our democratic values.
Tuesday January 28 at 8:00pm - American Experience: The Amish - Find answers to questions Americans have about this insistently insular religious community, whose intense faith and adherence to 300-year-old traditions have by turns captivated and repelled, awed and irritated, inspired and confused for more than a century. With unprecedented access, built on patience and hard-won trust, the film is the first to penetrate deeply and explore this attention-averse group. In doing so, THE AMISH paints an intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life.
Also Tuesday 9:00pm - 11:00pm - PBS Newshour Special Presentation - President Obama presents his fifth State of the Union Speech.  
Wednesday - January 29 at 10:00pm - Hawking, an intimate and revealing story of Stephen Hawking’s life. Told for the first time in Hawking’s own words and with unique access to his home and public life, this is a personal journey through Hawking’s world. The audience joins him at home, under the care of his nursing team; in San Jose as he “wows” a packed theatre audience; in Silicon Valley as he meets a team of technicians who hope to speed up his communication system; and as he throws a party for family and friends. HAWKING also carefully tells Hawking’s life journey, from boyhood under-achiever to PhD genius, and from a healthy cox on the Oxford rowing team to diagnosis of motor neuron disease, given just two years to live — yet surviving several close brushes with death. The film also highlights his greatest scientific discoveries and plots his rise to fame and superstardom.
Thursday January 30 at 8:00pm - Death in Paradise - Camille is devastated when best friend Aimee Fredericks, a singer on a Caribbean party boat, is poisoned and collapses on stage and dies in Camille’s arms. Camille investigates despite her emotional state. Boat staff and tourists, including entertainment agent Stephen Morrison and jealous wife Eloise Morrison, plus the cook, Grant, and the waiter, RJ, are questioned. Photographs taken at the party, the singers' "gargling bottles," a petal from an orchid and a beer bottle are clues for DI Poole
Friday January 31 at 9:00pm - Great Performances: Barrymore - 83-year-old stage and screen legend Christopher Plummer portrays another titan of theater and film from an earlier age, the illustrious — and notorious — John Barrymore. This acclaimed film adaptation of William Luce’s 1997 play is set in 1942 during the final months of Barrymore’s life. On the stage of a Broadway theater, the famously combative star struggles to recreate his performance in Shakespeare’s Richard III, recalling the highs and lows of his remarkable life and career in the process.
Saturday February 1 at 9:00pm - Midnight - Supersized Doc Martin - As we race toward bringing you Season 5 for the first time on witf, we present a mini-marthon of the last three episodes of season 4 of Doc Martin beginning at 9:00pm.  Before you see season 5, you can't miss the exciting end of season 4!

Next week: Follow seven former members of an Amish community, filmed over the course of 12 months, as they reflect on their decisions to leave one of the most closed and tightly knit communities in the United States. Estranged from family, the ex-Amish find themselves struggling to understand and make their way in modern America. Interwoven through the stories are the voices of Amish men and women who remain staunchly loyal to their traditions and faith. They explain the importance of obedience, the strong ties that bind their communities together and the pain they endure when a loved one falls away.  Join us for The Amish Shunned: American Experience Tuesday February 4 at 9:00pm on witf.

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