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witf Program Points - Oct. 6

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Oct 2, 2013 12:24 PM

TV Highlights:

  • Sunday at 9:00pm - Masterpiece Classic returns with the premiere of The Paradise. Follow country girl Denise as she makes her way working at a glittering big-city department store. Can her ingenuity save the day when she's faced with her first challenges as a shop girl?
  • Monday at 10:00pm - POV: Brooklyn Castle - Follow five members of a champion chess team from a below-the-poverty-line junior high in Brooklyn.
  • Tuesday at 9:00pm - Frontline: League of Denial - The NFL is under assault as thousands of former players and a host of scientists claim the league has covered up how football inflicted long-term brain injuries on many players.  In this special investigation, prize-winning journalists Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru-Wada reveal the hidden story of the NFL and brain injuries.
  • Wednesday at 9:00pm - NOVA: Inside the Megastorm - In October 2012, superstorm Sandy cut a path of devastation across the Caribbean and the East Coast, killing hundreds and doing tens of billions of dollars in damage. NOVA examines the role of global warming in driving these rising seas, and looks at some of the latest extraordinary engineering employed in other areas, as well as what it may take to make cities like New York more resilient in the future.
  • Thursday at 8:00pm - Smart Talk - From politics to economy, from health care to the environment, witf's Smart Talk covers the issues and ideas that matter to you. It's never been easier to discover and share the news and information of your world and ours.
  • Friday at 9:00pm - The Hollow Crown: Henry V - Follow the action as England prepares for war and Henry rallies his forces for battle at Agincourt.
  • Saturday at 9:00pm - Doc Martin - As we close in the conclusion of season 3, Portwenn is buzzing with the news of the engagement of Dr. Martin Ellingham and Headmistress Louisa Glasson.

FM Highlights:

  • Another change is coming around the bend on witf FM because The Story is coming to an end.  The interview program hosted by the award-winning journalist Dick Gordon, will broadcast its final program on November 22. As you may have noticed, they have already moved to "the best of" The Story for the remainder of the series.  We hope to announce a new series soon.
  • How serious concussions are in the game of football, water resources and planning, an expert on the Chinese Cultural Revolution who was jailed in China.  

Web scoop

  • The Pennsylvania health insurance exchange opened October 1. Get answers on how to navigate it, tell us about your experience using it and follow our complete Affordable Care Act coverage here.
  • In the new blog "Beauty of the Bereaved," former educator Devany LeDrew writes about grief outreach, and the cultural stereotypes, myths, and taboos regarding grieving and dying.

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