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What to Watch This September on witf

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Aug 29, 2013 7:48 AM

Enjoy an encore broadcast of Ken Burns’s The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.  Sundays at 2:00PM throughout the month into the first weekend in October, we’ll present this series exploring some of the most special places in the nation. 

PBS NewsHour expands to the weekends this month.  Beginning on September 7, witf will bring you NewsHour Weekend at 5:30PM. The 30-minute show will be anchored by current NewsHour correspondent and director of digital partnerships, Hari Sreenivasan. With NewsHour Weekend, you can expect in-depth reporting and analysis of national and international news every day of the week.  Saturday’s NewsHour will be paired with BBC Newsnight providing a thought-provoking weekly round-up of international news.  Sunday’s NewsHour is preceded by Global3000, which showcases opportunities and risks of globalization. 

We embark on a six-part series Wednesday nights with Earthflight. This special presentation from Nature uses state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated camera techniques to show the world from the amazing aerial perspective of a bird’s-eye view.  We’ll see the world’s birds across six continents.  Earthflight begins September 4 at 8:00PM and continues weekly into October. 

Have you had your fill of Doc Martin?  My phone has lost its ringer, and my email box is exploding. The message is clear - you want to see more of Dr. Ellingham.  As mentioned in a previous issue of the witf TV Listings Guide, Doc took a brief summer break.  He needed a little time off to hang up the stethoscope and get away from the crazy antics of the residents of Portwenn.  You’ll be happy to hear that Doc Martin is back with an encore presentation of season 3, which started the last full week of August.  We’ll jump right into season 4 in late October. Also I’m excited to announce a brand-new Doc Martin special: Doc Martin Revealed, which you’ll see later in December featuring interviews with the cast members and a behind the scenes look at Port Isaac, Cornwall where the show is taped.

Another program entering season 4 that I know you’re looking forward to is Downton Abbey.  The new series will premier January 5, 2014.  In the meantime, we’re helping you refresh your memory of favorite moments from seasons 2 and 3 with a rebroadcast of those two seasons Saturday nights at 10:00PM.

Looking for something new? Last Tango in Halifax is a new hit drama series from across the pond. This six-part series is about romance and second chances.  We meet Alan and Celia who are childhood sweethearts, both widowed and in their 70s, and are reunited nearly 60 years later.  Be sure to make time to catch this new series Sundays at 8:00PM beginning September 8.

We also have a new series Monday nights following Antiques Roadshow.  Catch Genealogy Roadshow Mondays at 9:00PM beginning September 23.  If you’re into retracing the history of your ancestors, you will want to watch this series.  Genealogy Roadshow follows individuals and uses history and science to uncover fascinating stories.  Perhaps viewing this program will inspire you to explore the mysteries of your family’s history.

Coming up in October, we’ll celebrate the 75th anniversary of the War of the Worlds broadcast.  Also, we have a lot of changes to our children’s programming, which starts October 7. Look throughout this month’s guide for some teasers on what is to come next month.  I will review the changes in detail in the next issue of this guide.  Thanks for reading and for watching witf TV and listening to witf FM.  Have a great September!

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