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Race Card Series Continues

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | May 15, 2013 3:11 PM

NPR's Michele Norris -- host of All Things Considered for more than a decade -- is now a special correspondent, delivering a variety of features and profiles across NPR. After a yearlong sabbatical, Norris makes her return with The Race Card Project. Michele developed The Race Card Project to gather conversations about race and cultural identity from everyday people. Individuals are invited to write six-word essays that describe personal stories and insights, with the opportunity to explain the reasons or stories behind the essays. She has received tens of thousands of submissions already at The Race Card Project site.

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Elysha O'Brien lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her six words: "Mexican white girl doesn't speak Spanish."
Growing up, her parents discouraged and refrained from speaking Spanish at home. O'Brien is now a college professor, and says as school kids, her father, aunts and uncles got physical reprimands for speaking Spanish in school. As a result of those experiences, her family largely avoided speaking Spanish to their children. Elysha O'Brien's brother and cousins were encouraged to only speak English.  Michele Norris shares O'Brien's story, her pride, regrets and hopes for her sons with Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep.

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