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Is the FDA killing us?

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | May 20, 2013 8:49 AM

Join us for another energetic debate with the on-going series Intelligent Squared U.S.  This series on which occasionally airs on both witf TV and FM brings Oxford-style debating to America -- one motion, one moderator, two informed and provocative panelists for the motion, and two against. John Donvan of ABC News -- Nightline is the official moderator of Intelligence Squared debates. The debate series takes on the hot-button issues of the day to inform, enlighten and entertain.

This month on witf FM:

Is the FDA Killing Us? The Food and Drug Administration, the oldest comprehensive consumer protection agency in the U.S. federal government, is charged with protecting the public health. Under this mandate, it regulates drugs and medical devices for their safety and effectiveness. But is it a failing mandate? It’s long been argued that the FDA’s long and costly approval processes stifle innovation and keep life-changing treatments from the market. But the question remains: when it comes to public health, is it ever okay to sacrifice safety for speed?

THE MOTION - The FDA's caution is hazardous to our health


  • Dr. Scott Gottlib, Former FDA Deputy Commissioner & Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
  • Peter Huber, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute and Author, The Cure in the Code: How 20th Century Law is Undermining 20th Century Medicine


  • Dr. Jerry Avorn, Professor Harvard Medical School & Author, Powerful Medicines
  • Dr. David Challoner, VP for Health Affairs Emeritus, University of Florida & Chair, Institute of Medicine Committee (FDA Clearance Process) 

Join us for the next Intelligence Squared US debate on witf FM Sunday May 26 at 7:00pm.  You can also listen online via our stream to hear the debate or visit IQ2US for audio on-demand. 

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