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'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' to feature two local children, Strasburg Rail Road

Written by witf | May 15, 2013 2:53 PM

Colby Starr and Kaiya McDonald, of Lancaster County, will be featured on a "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" segment about trains on May 20 at 11 a.m. The two children were filmed at the Strasburg Rail Road on October 12.

Below are the descriptions of the episode's two segments. The local children appear in the second one.

Daniel Uses his Words: Daniel is playing “farm” today, but when Mom Tiger is cleaning up, she accidentally ruins Daniel's game. Grrr! Mom teaches Daniel to express his feelings so she can understand why he is upset. Once Daniel uses his words, Mom helps him rebuild his farm.

All Aboard!: The kids are playing "train" at school, but things aren't going Katerina's way. Meow! Soon, Katerina learns that people will not be able to help her if they don't understand why she is upset. When she explains her feelings, the children know how to help so that they can all play happily together!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a top-rated, critically-acclaimed multi-platform animated series for preschoolers ages 2-4. The first television show produced by The Fred Rogers Company since the iconic Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, each episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood features two relatable stories starring 4-year-old Daniel Tiger and his best friends, the next generation of the beloved characters from the original series, who invite young viewers to come along on delightful musical adventures as they explore the vibrant Neighborhood of Make-Believe, learning important life lessons all along the way.

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