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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood wins 2013 Parents Choice Award

Written by witf | Apr 5, 2013 9:31 AM

The Fred Rogers Company is honored to have won a 2013 Parents Choice Award for "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood."

The Parents' Choice Awards is the nation's oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children's media and honors the best material for children: books, toys, music and storytelling, magazines, software, videogames, television and websites. Parents' Choice Foundation's panels of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and kids themselves, identify the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels.

In recognizing "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" the panel noted:

"Young viewers will be charmed watching Daniel Tiger and friends teach each other what they've just discovered. Modeling the animated characters' (carefully scripted) behavior - how to manage feelings, the difference between real and pretend, and the importance of being courteous and respectful - is not a bad way to prepare our preschoolers. And with careful attention, instruction and encouragement from a trusted adult, children will be well on their way. That's what Fred Rogers would want us to learn."

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