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Personal Finance For Baby Boomers

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Mar 12, 2013 9:41 AM

Baby Boomers are the generation of Americans who were born after World War II, and grew up in an era of rising living standards. But they are heading into retirement at a time of economic uncertainty and financial insecurity. Morning Edition offers practical conversations about key financial questions boomers face -- from estate planning to annuities and student debt -- in a six-week series airing beginning Tuesday, March 5th.

Overview - Tuesday March 5 - To talk about the broad issues that millions of Baby Boomers now face, host Renee Montagne speaks with Tim Maurer, a financial planner in Hunt Valley, Md.
Estate Planning - Week of March 11 - Host Renee Montagne talks to Chanel Reynolds, who started an estate planning blog after her husband was killed. In addition to grief, Chanel faces unnecessary stress and costs because she hadn't prepared a will or other legal documents needed to handle her husband's assets.
No Savings For Retirement - Week of March 18 - Morning Edition talks to financial planner Tim Maurer about what to do if you don't have savings and your retirement will depend mostly on social security.
Annuities - Week of March 25 - The broad age range of Baby Boomers have kids heading to college, are IN college, or are paying off their kids' loans. How should Boomers handle this debt?
Social Security - Week of April 1 - Information to come...
Chunk Of Money - Week of April 8 - Morning Edition looks at ways that Baby Boomers can invest any sum -- big or small -- of money they have inherited.

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