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Genetically Engineered Babies

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Feb 22, 2013 3:47 PM

Join us for the next Intelligence Squared Debate - SHOULD WE PROHIBIT GENETICALLY ENGINEERED BABIES? 


Intelligence Squared U.S. brings Oxford-style debating to America -- one motion, one moderator, two informed and provocative panelists for the motion, and two against. John Donvan of ABC News -- Nightline is the official moderator of Intelligence Squared debates. The debate series takes on the hot-button issues of the day to inform, enlighten and entertain.

In this month's installment of Intelligence Squared U.S. - Imagine a world free of genetic diseases, where parents control their offspring’s height, eye color and intelligence. The science may be closer than you think. Genes interact in ways that we don’t fully understand and there could be unintended consequences, new diseases that result from our tinkering. But even if the science could be perfected, is it morally wrong? Would it lead to eugenics and a stratified society where only the rich enjoy the benefits of genetic enhancement? Or would the real injustice be depriving our children of every scientifically possible opportunity?

Prohibit genetically engineered babies 

“The danger is not so much that it will work, but as a myth: it will have social power that can be used by those who have wealth and resources." —Sheldon Krimsky, Professor, Tufts University and Chair, Council for Responsible Genetics 

"Our opponents are recommending something which Americans shiver at, which is experimentation without the consent of the individual being experimented upon." —Lord Robert Winston, Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor, Fertility Studies, Imperial College 

“Technology itself is not evil. Only misuse and misapplication of it is. The public can and should decide what limits if any there should be on the uses of genetic engineering." —Nita Farahany, Professor, Law and Genome Sciences and Policy, Duke University

“Inheritance is a game of craps. You throw the dice, you hold your breath, you hope your child is healthy. It won't have to be that way in the future.”—Lee Silver, Professor, Princeton University and Author

Join us for Intelligence Squared U.S. on witf FM Sunday (February 24) at 7:00pm. 

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