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Dr. Seuss' Birthday on 3/2

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Feb 25, 2013 9:58 AM

It’s Dr. Seuss’ 109th birthday on March 2, and witf and PBS Kids are celebrating with new episodes of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Everyone’s favorite Cat, Nick and Sally explore science concepts from as far away as space and as close as inside our own bodies. Kids will also be able to continue the science adventure with the new “Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt” online game and video content online and on mobile.

“Rumbly Tumbly” - March 1 at 7:30am

Nick's hungry tummy is rumbling! But why do our stomachs make noises when they're hungry? A super shrunken trip into Thing One's stomach will show them the answer! They learn how chewing and stomach juices help to break down the food, and the tummy sounds are actually the stomach working. When your tummy is empty, the sounds are much louder! There's only one way to quiet Nick's rumbly tumbly… a chewy chocolate chunky chunk chip cookie! 

“Top of the Sky” March 1 at 8:00am

Sally, Nick and Cat are playing with their toy rocket.  Using the Cat's "Whoa-Look-At-It-Go-Launcher" he shoots the rocket up up and up!  But now they need to go find it.  Off to the top of the sky!  They pass the treetops, and the mountains.  Where is the top of the sky?  They keep going higher until they're in space!  They meet Audrey the Astronaut who explains that there is no top to the sky.  The sky turns into space and space goes on forever!  Just when the kids think their rocket is lost, they find it in Audrey's space station.  Though they can't launch their rocket to the top of the sky, launching it to the moon is just as cool!

Programming Note: Super Why will not be broadcast Friday due to the extra episode of Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That

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