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What Next After Newtown

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Dec 20, 2012 8:20 AM

What Next After Newtown: What Our Country And Communities Can Do, Airing Thursday, December 27th at 8pm on witf tv, Explores Community Issues and Potential Solutions

Public television continues the conversation about tragedies and their consequences through in-depth discussions and analysis .

After the devastation at Sandy Hook Elementary School, numerous questions remain regarding the events that led up to this unthinkable catastrophe. Many of the issues have become all too familiar, and the questions seem to be asked after every similar national tragedy. Public television will address community issues and concerns and seek out answers by further delving into key topics stemming from recent events with What Next After Newtown: What Our Country and Communities Can Do, airing Thursday December 27th at 8pm on witf tv. 

The three-hour special, from WLIW/WNET, provides an in-depth analysis of issues featuring a variety of perspectives in an effort to spark a nationwide conversation about long-term solutions.

Expanding on the discussions brought forth from the PBS special After Newtown airing on Friday, December 21st at 8pm on witf tv, What Next After Newtown fully investigates the vital concerns raised by the recent tragedies via six half-hour segments.

The segment topics include: Accessibility of weapons, Violence in the media, Talking to children and finding a path to healing, School security, Public policy and mental illness, and The mind of troubled shooters.

Need to Know co-hosts Jeff Greenfield and Maria Hinojosa, and Nightly Business Report co-anchor Susie Gharib will serve as co-anchors for the special event with other prominent newscasters to be announced.
You are also encouraged to join the national conversation by using the Twitter hashtag #afternewtown.

Join witf tv for special coverage with What Next After Newtown: What Our Country and Communities Can Do, Thursday December 27th at 8pm.  

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