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Rock Theater with Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Nov 19, 2012 10:18 AM
Trans Siberian Orchestra - Rock Theater

Photo by Courtesy of Mark Weiss

Since its players first hit the stage 12 years ago, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) has grown into one of the largest touring acts in the world by doing something completely different from every other group out there. People can’t seem to explain what they do; they just tell you “you just have to see it to understand it.” TSO creator Paul O’Neill, who calls it “Rock Theater,” presents the past, present and future of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra through live video and interview segments taken over the last few years.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Birth of Rock Theater is part of special programming airing on witf Sunday November 25th at 11pm, Saturday December 1st at 5pm, and Saturday December 8th at 5pm.  

The creation of “Rock Theater” began when O’Neill and TSO set their sights on one of the most beloved and important composers the world has ever seen: Ludwig van Beethoven. “I was always fascinated by Beethoven,” said creator / writer / producer O’Neill. Beethoven’s Last Night combines 50% what actually happened with 50% what might have happened to create a fascinating tale of Beethoven’s final evening. To pay tribute to the great composer TSO fused together many of his most enduring melodies with new hard rocking instrumentals. They also wrote several original compositions to create a theatrical experience that, combined with arena rock, takes the art form to unprecedented levels.

O’Neill enthuses, “PBS is an indispensable part of the artistic world. Masterpieces of music, dance and cinema that normally would have been lost and forgotten are saved for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by.” Having already spent the past ten plus years partnering with PBS on the special “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve,” TSO is thrilled to share the opportunity to bring “Rock Theater” to the masses with PBS. It's all made possible thanks to your support in witf and PBS programming. Please make an investment today...

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