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Three Men Go To War

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Oct 21, 2012 9:33 AM

witf presents this film which explores the dramatic and little-known events that unfolded inside a nuclear-armed Soviet submarine during the Cuban Missile Crisis. While politicians desperately sought a solution to the stand-off, Vasili Arkhipov, an officer aboard the submarine, refused to fire a nuclear torpedo, thus averting disaster. The program combines tense drama with eyewitness accounts and expert testimony about a critical event during the Cold War.

The film features revealing interviews with key witnesses and experts including the reconnaissance pilot who made a split second decision to veer off course in Cuba and photograph a new type of nuclear weapon which could have annihilated invading American forces, the import of which was not realized for over 30 years.

Join witf for The Cuba Missle Crisis: Three Men Go To War Tuesday at 8pm.

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