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Cooking School with Martha Stewart

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Oct 3, 2012 2:22 PM

Martha.jpgBeginning this week, Martha Stewart demonstrates classic cooking techniques and basics with Cooking School with Martha Stewart. Using her signature step-by-step, how-to teaching process, Martha illustrates cooking fundamentals that everyone should know: from roasting and poaching to braising and blanching. In addition, Martha shares tips in every episode, inspiring and educating home cooks everywhere.

This week:

Want to know how to cook the perfect soft- or hard-cooked egg? Or the fluffiest scramble? Martha shares these and other secrets as she teaches viewers all they need to know about eggs, the world’s most versatile protein. Whether you like your egg over easy or sunny-side up, Martha shows you how to prepare them properly every time, with easy-to-master techniques and tips. You’ll learn a clever method for frying eggs, a surefire omelet recipe, and the key to a foolproof frittata.

Over the coming weeks Marth teaches us about the classic sauces everyone should know how to make: hollandaise, béchamel, beurre blanc and marinara. We'll also learn how to choose and cook the best cuts of meat, from tender to lean. There will be an entire episode devoted to roasting; a straightforward and adaptable technique that also works well for meat, fish and chicken. Martha will also demonstrate how to pan-sear, a technique that produces consistently satisfying — and quick — meats and fish. Stay tuned for these tips and much more in the weeks ahead with Cooking School with Martha Stewart on witf.

Join us Saturdays at noon for Cooking School with Martha Stewart on witf-tv.

Here is brief preview of what to expect:

In addition to watching here Saturday, also connect with her via social media:

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