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First And Main on Morning Edition

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Aug 15, 2012 5:52 PM

As candidates ramp up their campaigns for November's presidential election, swing states may determine the outcome. In the First And Main series, Morning Edition hosts travel to communities in battleground states across the country to find out what's foremost on people's minds in this election season.

David Greene (pictured right) visits Winnebago County, Wisconsin in four First And Main segments, airing the week of August 20:

  • Union Members Morning Edition; Monday, August 20 - In Winnebago County, Wisconsin, union members at a coffee shop in downtown Oshkosh discuss their political involvement after the state's gubernatorial recall election in June. NPR's David Greene reports.
  • Farmer & Food Trucks Morning Edition; Tuesday, August 21 - NPR's David Greene talks with a farmer at the County Fair in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, along with a few voters who operate food trucks for a living.
  • State Senator Morning Edition; Wednesday, August 22 - Wisconsin state senator Jess King won her seat in a senatorial recall campaign last year, and is the first Democrat in her district since the 1930s. Growing up, King contended with extraordinary personal challenges, with both parents facing disabilities. She spent several years in the foster care system, and talks about how it affected her outlook on jobs and politics. NPR's David Greene reports.
  • Restaurant Owner Morning Edition; Thursday, August 23 - NPR's David Greene profiles the owner of a restaurant on Wisconsin's Lake Winnebago, who feels that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's business experience makes him well-suited to relate to small business owners.


More profiles from battleground states will air in the coming months on Morning Edition. Host Renee Montagne will travel to Colorado in September as First and Main continues. Hear the entire series on Morning Edtion on witf, your home for NPR News and All Things Regional.

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