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Tips for going green around your home

Written by witf.org | Nov 3, 2011 12:10 PM

In preparation for Green Action Day on November 5, we're sharing tips for going green around your home. Each of these tips is relatively easy to implement, and best of all, each will likely save you money.

  • Turn your water heater down to 120° F when home. Water heating accounts for about 13% of home energy costs.
  • Sealing cracks, gaps, leaks and adding insulation can save up to 20% on home heating and cooling costs.
  • Unplug cell phone chargers from the outlet when your cell phone doesn’t need to be charged. It saves energy.
  • Decide what you want to eat before opening the fridge, leaving the door open while you decide wastes energy.
  • For every degree you can turn back your thermostat, you’ll save a percentage on your energy bill, so it’s almost a one for one savings, and the average Pennsylvanian spends about 2200 dollars a year on heating and cooling costs so that’s a pretty significant savings if you can just take it back a few degrees.
  • Replacing an electric baseboard or electric furnace with a standard heat pump system can pay for itself very quickly. People often don't realize how much money they're loosing each month with electric baseboard or electric furnace heat.


Do you have some great energy-saving tips of your own? We'd love to hear them! Share them here and see what tips other members of your community have offered.

Green Action Day is brought to you in partnership with PPL Electric Utilities.

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