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Oh, hello there Mr. Snake...

Written by Deniz Martinez, Community blogger | May 17, 2012 3:09 AM


That would be a Northern water snake, not venemous but still capable of quite the bite. This was found by my daughter on our local creek walk, caked in dried mud and sunning itself in the trailside leaf litter that she had carelessly started to wander into. She is lucky to have spotted it before she stepped on it! She excitedly called for the rest of us to come over and see, and once I determined that it was in fact a "safe" snake and wasn't really interested in doing anything except continuing to bask in the sun, I snapped a few pictures on my phone while the kids safely observed their their new not-so-little creek friend.

Oh, we also found an Eastern American toad resting a little further up the trail, but nobody was worried about it being a biter...


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